SizeGenetics – How it works


If you have always wondered how you can extend the length of your penis in an efficient way and without risking your health, then you should definitely try SizeGenetics. This device has been created to resolve many sexual problems that men experience due to the irregular shapes of their genitalia. While doctors prescribe it for regular growth and penis size correction, it has also proven to treat other syndromes that include erectile dysfunction and severe premature ejaculation.



man using sizegenetics



Learn how this device works

The first thing that customers want to know about SizeGenetics is how it works. Many of them fear that they will have to undergo surgery or that they will go through a lengthy treatment of pills and creams which they must take for years before noticing any change. The great thing about this device is that it does not imply any of the above.  It is not painful, it is comfortable and easy to use and almost impossible to notice by others. More than that, it provides a sure growth that varies between 1 and 2.5 inches in length and as much as 1 inch in girth after just six months of using it. That is a short period of time considering that other methods would take years, maybe decades to obtain the same results, and by the time you achieve them it is already too late.

SizeGenetics is a penis enlarger that you apply to your shaft and adjust according to the instructions. The main recommendation is that you pick a future size for your penis as a personal goal and place the device to that length. Remember, this should not exceed one inch! With the passing months you will be able to increase that size inch by inch according to the natural growth that your genitals are experiencing.

Why you should use SizeGenetics

Once he reaches adulthood, man experiences a sudden stop in body development. Very soon he starts growing horizontally rather than adding inches to his height. However, his penis is made out of muscle tissues that can always be enlarged if the process of creating new cells inside them is properly accelerated. With a penis extender this thing can be achieved and many men who were suffering from the micro-penis syndrome or just the frustration of not being able to satisfy their partners have grown out of these problems by using one. The device holds the shaft under constant tension for a good period of time, thus forcing it to enlarge and remain that way forever, and this is the main secret behind SizeGenetics and how it works.

The good thing about this penile enlargement method is that you easily practice it in the comfort of your own home and no one can ever know about it. It is recommended that you start by using SizeGenetics at least one hour per day and increase the time of usage steady but surely over the complete program time of six months. Irregular and sloppy use might lead to it being ineffective; therefore it is mandatory that you follow the instructions accordingly.